4 Top Secret Signs You Are Stressed Out

People deal with stressors each and every day, and while in many instances these stressors aren’t meant to warrant much attention, if a person remains stressed for long periods of time without realizing it, this could end up causing physiological, emotional and cognitive issues. Recognizing the signs that you are stressed and need to lower your stress levels is one of the first steps you will need to take in tackling this issue, and it all begins with finding out a bit more about the most common signs and symptoms of this condition.

You Are Craving Foods

Cravings come in all forms and shapes and they range from mild to severe. Most people get cravings every now and again, and it’s completely normal to suddenly find yourself on the lookout for a particular brand of chocolate, for example, but there are other cravings that could be in indicator that you need to take some time out. Stress is a drain on all the systems within the body, and so if you are already craving something, it could cause this feeling to intensify.

According to the experts, the reason this happens is because it is the body’s way of trying to regulate itself. If it is able to do so for only a few minutes by satisfying a craving, it will attempt this. It should be noted, however, that most of these cravings are for substances such as fizzy drinks or even nicotine, which tend not to have positive effects.

Bruises Appear Out of Nowhere

Have you ever gone through those periods where you suddenly start finding bruises all over your body, but you’re unsure where they came from? They could have occurred during a period when you were stressed. According to the experts, when you are stressed, the body goes into overdrive and the blood is directed away from the skin, to the essential organs where they will most likely be needed to face stressors.

During this time, the blood will also thicken, just in case a person is injured so that they don’t bleed to death. Keep in mind that stress used to arise in situations where people were faced with bears, enemy tribes or even landslides. What is more, the body releases endorphins that mask pain, so injuries are more likely to go unnoticed.

You Are Losing Hair

High stress levels have been known to increase prolactin in women, which is a hormone that could eventually lead to a thinning of hair in those who are already vulnerable to hair loss. What is more, stress leads to a restricting of the arteries, which in turn restricts blood flow to the scalp and further exacerbates the problem.

Your Eye Is Twitching

People often joke about eye twitches that occur during periods when they are particularly stressed, but this is actually possible. Because the eyelids are home to a variety of sensory nerves, they don’t relax until the entire body is relaxed. When a person is stressed, they build up lactic acid within the body and this tends to cause the twitching of the eyelids, as well as cause the muscles within the body to ache.

Looking out for signs that you are stressed is important because it helps you take note of those instances where you need to take a step back to determine whether you are taking proper care of yourself.