The Top 7 Stress Relieving Foods

There are many people who find eating to be a delicious, though unhealthy, method of coping with stress, but most individuals are unaware that there are actually certain foods that can help them deal more effectively with stress in a healthy, sustainable way. If you find that you stress too much, it might help to add some of these ingredients to your daily diet to provide your body with the boost it needs to cope with more stressful situations.


Almonds are filled with B2, magnesium, vitamin E and zinc. Both the magnesium and the vitamin B are components that are used to produce serotonin within the body, and this goes a long way in alleviating stress and regulating moods. Zinc is one of those ingredients that fights off the side effects of stress, while vitamin E works as an antioxidant. Having just a handful of almonds each day can go a long way in helping your body to cope with stress, not to mention lowering stress levels altogether.


Fish contains a wide range of Vitamin B variants, including B6 and B12. Once again, these vitamins are integral to serotonin production within the body, and it has been found that deficiencies in vitamin B12 have led to cases of depression in the past.


Broccoli is not only filled with Vitamin B, but it also contains folic acid, which has been known to aid with anxiety, stress, panic and depression.

Whole-Grain Pasta

While many people still aren’t sure whether carbs are good or bad for them in terms of dieting, when it comes to their health, these make up an important component of a healthy eating regimen. People should generally stay away from white bread and pasta because these tend to make people “crash”, although whole-grains tend not to have this effect. Stress can wear people down, which is why having a small bowl of whole-grain rice or pasta can help alleviate these effects and give them a much needed boost.


Not only does fish work to alleviate symptoms of stress, but there are many other components of sushi that work to the benefit of those struggling with stress. The seaweed that is used to construct maki is packed with magnesium, which is a well known stress reliever, as well as vitamin B2 and pantothenic acid. This last ingredient is known to aid in the optimal functioning of the adrenal glands, which are known to play an important role in regulating stress levels.


Milk is high in vitamin B2 and B12, but it also contains antioxidants, which have been known to fight the free radicals that are produced by stress.


Blueberries are powerful antioxidants, as well as great sources of fiber. These berries do not only aid in alleviating cramps, but they can also alleviate constipation, which is common among many people with stress issues.

Dealing with stress isn’t just about knowing how to react to stressful situations, but also how you can contribute to your overall health and well being. Knowing which foods contribute to lowering your stress levels and aiding your body in functioning optimally can go a long way in doing just that.