Feeling Stressed? Laughter Might Be Just What The Doctor Ordered

Laughter is something that spreads like wildfire. The moment one person starts laughing, other people tend to follow and it is hard not to feel really good after a good laughing session. The more heartily a person laughs, the more likely it is that others will join in. There is just something about laughter that is infectious and since it has such beneficial effects on the human body, it is no wonder it is so contagious.

Recently, medical and psychological professionals have been stressing the fact that laughter can aid in controlling stress levels, but how exactly is it able to accomplish this?

Relaxing Your Body

Patients who struggle to deal with stress on a daily basis are advised to use relaxation techniques throughout their day. These techniques are utilized to regulate a person’s emotions and cognitive state, and ensure that they do not allow their stress levels to overwhelm them. Laughter does this almost instantly, while relaxation techniques can take a few minutes to complete, if practiced regularly, and this is one of the reasons it is so appealing. According to the experts, a couple of minutes of really heartfelt laughter can end up relaxing the body for up to 45 minutes afterwards.

Boosting the Immune System

When people don’t feel well, they tend to find it more difficult to cope with stress. The difficulty, however, is that stress often tends to lower the immune system, so this could end up having a sort of cyclical effect on an individual. Laughter, on the other hand, has been known not only to decrease the level of stress hormones within the body, but it also increases the immune cells and the antibodies that will help fight off infection and keep a person feeling healthy. Ultimately, this allows them to cope with stress much more effectively.

Releasing Endorphins

The moment a person starts laughing, their brain will release endorphins into their body, and these are meant to make a person feel good. These endorphins give a person an overall sense of well being, and they can even counter the negative effects of pain.

Promotes Bonding

People who have strong support structures in place tend to feel less stressed, and they even have more effective methods of coping with stress. Laughing together not only helps people make friends, but it promotes bonding, which goes a long way in strengthening a friendship.

Protecting the Organs

Lastly, laughter actually improves the functioning of the blood vessels within the body and increases the blood flow, which aids in protecting the heart from cardiovascular conditions such as heart attacks. These are conditions that people who stress frequently tend to worry about, so it is good to know that laughter can have such a positive effect on the body.

Laughter is something that affects just about every facet of a person, from their physical well being to their abilities in the social sphere, and nowhere is its power more obvious than when it comes to dealing with stress.